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Empowering People for Global Change

We wanted to create a way to help people to help themselves. We definitely believe in supporting charitable causes... but we wanted to be able to do more.

There are people in third world countries that can start a business (sometimes for only $100) that will provide for shelter, food, clothing, and education for an entire family.

They are proud people. They don't want charity. They want an opportunity! They just need a little help. But, overcoming extreme poverty so that they are empowered to make a real change in their lives and the world around them is usually insurmountable.

So, we've created Empowerments™ to generate dedicated revenue that in addition to any other charitable causes we support, also sets aside 5% of all retail sales of all Empowerments™ products to be used to fund microloans that provide a means for people to become fully self-supporting.

Microloans are usually at 1 or 2% interest, but they are fully repaid. So as we receive repayment, we just roll the funds back into more microloans. That way, our People Power™ program will just grow, and grow, and grow! So your purchase doesn't just help once... it helps over and over again!

Yes, we definitely could earn more than 1 or 2% if we invested that money in a different way. We do need money to stay in business. But, we also believe in human dividends. (And, we would lend the money without interest, but the programs are also intended to teach business skills and financial planning so their businesses can grow and prosper.)

We are still a young company, and we don't want to wait until we are a billion dollar company so we can be philanthropic. We want to do it now!

We've selected to be our interface to the microloan process. They've done an excellent job and we want to support their good work. View our Kiva profile.

We can't do it without you! Buy Empowerments™ products and together we can make People Power™ a substantial program, and you can read about it in our online newsletter every month... so don't forget to subscribe now.

--The Florapathics Family

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